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3 free cybersecurity tools to protect your business

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You have rapidly expanded your remote work force and now your team is working from home. But the rush to get people connected poses new challenges for many smaller companies.

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To help, we are offering a Work From Home Cybersecurity Essentials Package. These 3 free tools will help you identify security gaps and take corrective action - all while keeping you updated on new threats.

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3 Easy Steps

  • Step 1. Sign up for your cybersecurity essentials package

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  • Step 3. Launch your assessment, scan your network and get alerts

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Frequently asked questions

Why conduct a cybersecurity risk assessment for remote workers?

  • To get ahead and stay ahead of risks during and after the shift to working from home. A risk assessment reviews the cybersecurity controls you have in place and identifies any gaps allowing you to prioritize and focus on improvement efforts that will have the biggest impact.

What gaps will a network vulnerability scan show?

  • A network vulnerability scan will reveal critical vulnerabilities that need to be patched immediately. Any time you make configuration changes to firewalls and other devices, including VPNs (virtual private networks) you want to run a scan on your network.

Why do I need to understand current threats and attacks?

  • Attacks on small businesses have increased as a result of the COVID-19 crisis. This feature allows you to stay on top of emerging cybersecurity topics, incidents, and vulnerabilities - including those related to working from home.

How do I activate additional modules in my portall?

  • Contact us at any time to review and activate additional cybersecurity modules in your portal. Fees will apply prior to activation.

What if I discover that I need a cybersecurity provider?

  • We will help you scope your work and match you to a vetted IT or cybersecurity provider in your area for free.

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