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Provider Marketing Package

Congratulations on becoming a vetted, in-network TechStak provider!

We work to showcase and promote our vetted providers as distinguished, leading industry experts and small business champions!

Here’s How:

Robust Provider Profile

It all starts with keeping your provider profile up-to-date. Key features include your logo, skills and services, active client reviews and your one page marketing pdf. Your custom profile link is shared with business clients when you are matched as a qualified provider.

Next Steps:

  • Use your custom profile link in your social media posts, in your marketing materials, in your press release, and on your website. This can be found by going to your provider dashboard.

Social Media

Cross channel social media posts announcing and promoting your company to TechStak’s end-users on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. Not only do we celebrate you as a top service provider and small business champion, we recognize and highlight your skills, specialties and active client reviews. Your company is tagged in all social media posts to expand your reach.

Next Steps:

  • We make it easy for your to post as well. Utilize the following social media messages, edit them or create your own to share. These will help you gain more exposure across your social media channels. Tag TechStak in you social posts to further expand your reach. For Facebook and LinkedIn use @TechStak and @TechStakHQ and @TechStakPro in Twitter.

Download Your Pre-formatted Social Media Posts

Press Release

Stand out from the crowd by announcing your designation as an industry expert that excels. Your official press release highlights your company abilities, services, years in business, how you are different, and more.

Next Steps:

  • Use the press release template below to quickly add the recognition to your website blog, create social media announcements, and share with local news channels.

Download Your Press Release

Ask Our Experts Interview

Each vetted TechStak provider has the opportunity to be interviewed, featured and promoted in our “Ask Our Experts” blog. We work with you to select an important, trending topic to highlight your company’s expertise. We then showcase your expertise in our Ask Our Experts blog, on our website, cross channel social media pages, and in our monthly newsletter. Important! Your expert interview is also linked to your TechStak profile which is shared with businesses when matched.

Next Steps:

  • Ensure you have scheduled your interview. Email for assistance. Post and share your interview on social media. Tag TechStak in your posts for further reach. For Facebook and LinkedIn use @TechStak and @TechStakHQ and @TechStakPro in Twitter.

Guest blogger

Each vetted TechStak provider has the opportunity to be featured as a guest blogger to further position your company as a industry expert. Your guest blog will be showcased on our website, cross channel social media pages and in our monthly newsletter. This is a great opportunity to attract additional attention from small businesses looking for specific services and industry related solutions. Important! Your guest blog is also linked to your TechStak profile which is shared with businesses when matched.

Next Steps:

  • Email TechStak from your provider dashboard to submit your guest blog. If approved, we’ll post it across TechStak social channels and tag your company as well as share it on our blog and monthly newsletter.

TechStak Mark

The TechStak marks, #TechStakExpert and #TechStakCertified, help business clients identify and recognize your company as a trusted industry expert.

Next Steps:

  • These marks can be placed in your email signature, on your website, used in your social media posts, and used in your marketing materials.

The code can be copied and pasted from your TechStak provider dashboard.

TechStak Top Rated Badges

All vetted providers receive Top Rated service badges to add to their website. These badges quickly designate and showcase specific technical skills, core competencies and abilities to businesses looking for your services. The badges are included on your TechStak provider profile as well.

Next Steps:

  • Use the Top Rated credential badges in your marketing materials, on your website or in social media posts.

The code can be copied and pasted from your provider dashboard.

Annual Awards

Vetted, in-network providers are eligible to receive TechStak’s carefully selected annual awards which focus on a service providers customer service, technical skills, and their success in helping small and medium sized business clients achieve results.

Next Steps:

  • Share your customer success stories with us throughout the year. We’ll ask for nominations in the fall.

Expanded Reach

Build out your TechStak network by referring a friend!

When a provider refers another tech or IT provider and they pass the vetting process, you will get to enjoy 90 days of no lead fees!

This is helpful because when large projects come in, we already know who you have a good working relationship with, and the leads can be brought to you and your friend’s company together. This also helps to provide the customers with a more productive and streamlined experience.

Email with any questions or if you need assistance. We’re here to help.

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