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Selling with Empathy: The #1 Way to Close More Deals

Selling with empathy: The #1 way to close more deals

Prospects are people with migraines

First, remember your prospect is a human. Sounds trite, but sometimes we forget our prospects are people so it’s helpful to remember this. In addition, you need to identify your prospects deepest frustration before offering a solution.

How do you do this?

Find their “migraine.” Not what is just a small headache. But what is it that has become a migraine that they are dealing with?

Migraines have value

Learn what this migraine is costing them. What is that elusive number? You want your prospects to articulate the value of their problem.

You could ask, “What would you say this issue is costing your company?”

The answer could be one in terms of lost profits or savings, or time, or decreased revenues and increased operating or personnel costs. Again, help your prospects put a number on their pain so you understand the value.

Personal impact

Seek to understand the personal costs of the problem. Ask, “How does this affect your personally?”

Does it mean they are having to work longer hours, take on unexpected tasks, cut staff or shift resources around.

Does it mean they are going to miss expected sales or revenue forecasts?

Lead with empathy

Selling with empathy means connecting with customers - existing and future - at a deeper level.

When you lead with empathy you are putting your prospect first to understand their deepest frustrations before offering a solution.

Think of questions you can ask that helps you determine what they need right now. What are they thinking about right now that is weighing on them heavily? Once you understand this, then you can offer the right solution.

Pro tip: research what their peers are dealing with right now. Ask if they are dealing with the same issues.

Re-frame the problem

How can you alleviate that migraine? Re-frame the problem in a way that helps them move forward.

Now that you understand their deepest frustration (which is more than a everyday headache), that is costing them an articulated number, and is impacting them personally, you can frame up your solution to specifically address their problem.

What does being migraine free look like? Is it making budget, keeping staff, or working less overtime? How do help them get there?

The goal, alleviate their migraine so they can and WILL move forward.

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