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Navigating the world of technical vendors (as a non-technical person) is daunting. You could choose blindly via email promoters, web searches, and random phone calls. Or you could call TechStak, who takes the time to understand what you really need and the scope of the project, then matches you with a vendor who wants to do your work.

Amy Shovels
Operations Director, Zonya Health International

TechStak completely eliminates the conflict I constantly face: when I focus on customer work, I don't have the time to focus on development. TechStak goes far beyond the simple lead generation, providing incredible insight into every contact so you can build deeper relationships with your customers from the very start. It starts here, and it starts for free.

Rita Shelley
CEO, Fierce Digital, LLC

The quickest client opportunity we've ever seen. We met and closed the relationship in less than two weeks. The process was very straightforward, we understood the fees upfront and you helped us understand the customer’s needs. It just made so much more sense.

Jessie Smith
Operations Director, River Run

While I came to TechStak asking a single, myopic question (how can we patch our outdated shopping cart?), I walked away with a bigger, more educated, solution-filled picture.

Amy Shovels
Operations Director, Zonya Health International

They kept in communication asking for regular updates from me, so I didn't get forgotten even when I wasn't initiating contact. That's something I don't usually experience from someone who isn't trying to make money off of me. On top of that, they found me a provider that was willing to work with my limited budget. The few providers I found on my own before asking for help agreed to meet knowing my budget, but then they couldn't meet my budget, so it was a waste of time for both parties

Becky Aten
HR Director, Alternatives in Psychological Consulting

The process works very well. TechStak has excellent follow up to help keep things moving. We’re excited about working with our new IT provider who is great match for our company and exact match for our budget.

Kristen Mercer
Operations Director, Inforum

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