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Provider Q & A

Q: What type of technology solutions providers or IT service professionals can join the TechStak network?

A: TechStak is a full-stack destination for small to mid-sized business technology solutions and IT services. Tech providers and IT service professionals who provide the following services can join the network. You can read more about these solutions here.

Technology consulting, IT projects, database solutions, outsourced IT solutions and services, hardware, software, cloud-based services, managed IT services, tech support and help desk solutions, mobile, telecom and business communications, network and connectivity solutions, security and privacy solutions, storage, data, files and backup solutions, disaster recovery, compliance and regulatory, and website solutions.

Q: How do I sign up and join the TechStak Provider Network?

A: It’s easy to join and at no cost. Just complete the provider application here to become a vetted provider. Provide your references and ideal customer profile. You will receive an email notification within 48 hours regarding your provider approval status.

Q: What are the costs to joining and using TechStak?

A: There are no upfront fees. Providers only pay a small lead fee upon accepting a qualified lead that they feel is the right fit as well as a percentage of the closed contract (we call this a success fee) only after winning the bid. For more detailed information on our pricing click here.

Q: Will my information be kept strictly confidential?

A: Your information is only shared with businesses during the matching and connection process. See TechStak’s privacy policy for details on how your information is stored and used.

Q: How do I accept or decline a lead request?

A: Matched providers will receive an email with the lead request details. The email will include the option to accept or decline the lead request.

Q: How do I pay for the lead request?

A: Upon accepting a request, payment will be processed via Stripe, TechStak’s secure online third-party payment gateway. TechStak does not record or store any credit card information. This is recorded and stored within Stripe.

Q: Can I get a refund on accepting a lead if I decide I don’t want it?

A: Lead requests will not be refunded.

Q: How many providers will be included in every bid process?

A: A maximum of three providers will be matched to the business request. Therefore, only three providers will be able to bid on the request.

Q: How do I bid and provide a quote to the business?

A: All providers will use the standard quoting templates provided by TechStak for bidding and quoting.

Q: When do I pay the 10% success fee on all accepted quotes or closed contracts?

A: Once a business accepts the quote or a contract is closed, TechStak will invoice the provider. Payment will be remitted in 30 days.

Q: Do you have any affiliation with any provider?

A: TechStak has no affiliation with any providers in the TechStak Provider Network.

Q: How can we be assured of you being non-partial?

A: TechStak uses a matching algorithm to match the business request to the technology solution provider services.

Q: Will I always know the buying criteria upfront before we bid?

A: Each match will include the business request details including services and solutions needed, budget, timing, size of company, and the problem detail.

Q: If we lose a bid, will you tell us why we lost it so that we can make changes in the future?

A: As final selection is determined by the business, they would need to provide this feedback to the provider.

Q: Will you tell us why the winning vendor won?

A: Although TechStak will solicit the business for feedback on the completed service, TechStak will not provide bid details to other providers as part of our privacy policy which can be reviewed here.

Q: How is TechStak marketing to businesses?

A: We are marketing through several channels including but not limited to; social media marketing, Ad Words, Facebook advertising, re-targeting, guest blog posts, email marketing/newsletters, strategic relationships, word of mouth, and referrals.

Q: How does the 10% fee apply to a monthly subscription contract? Is it 10% paid monthly, or 10% paid upfront of the full contract?

A: We take 10% of the closed contract cost for the first year. The 10% is invoiced when the contract closes and is to be paid in 30 days – NOT when you get paid by the business

We know the life time value of new business is 3 – 5 years and that they will create a strong relationship with the client and up sell them on other services.

We are confident in our matching to create the right fit to support the above. It’s up to the tech provider to create and manage a long-term relationship.

Q: Who controls the invoicing?

A: The tech provider usually controls the invoicing as their systems are typically already in use to manage this. If the providers want TechStak to manage the invoicing, we can.

TechStak bills the tech provider after the contract closes.

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