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TechStak Launches Suite of Cybersecurity Resources for the Unique Needs of Small- and Medium-Sized Businesses

SMB tools and IT services – including dark web scan, vulnerability scans, risk assessments, and consultations– offer cost-effective, hassle-free cybersecurity solutions   Ann Arbor, Mich., December 5, 2019 – Today TechStak, a leading SMB service provider matching companies with highly curated and pre-vetted outsourced IT partners, announced they have launched a cost-effective arsenal of risk assessment tools and accompanying educational resources designed for the unique needs of smaller businesses. 

Cybersecurity Suite of tools: • Breach Cost Calculator – estimates the potential cost associated with a data beach  • Dark Web Scan –identifies breached accounts and stolen passwords • Risk assessment packages – includes Website Scan, Network Vulnerability Scan, Cybersecurity Health Assessment, detailed reports, phone consultations with industry experts explaining results and next steps for remediation • Security Awareness Training – A video-based subscription program, the first of its kind

What does this mean? For small to medium businesses who may not have, or necessarily need, a full-time IT provider, but struggle to navigate the vast and fast-paced cybersecurity landscape, these services provide a comprehensive, one-stop resource. TechStak’s all-in-one platform gives smaller companies easy access to essential IT and cybersecurity-related services they would not otherwise have in their fight against cybercrime.

“100% of the assessments we’ve done have identified a cyber threat that could blindside a smaller company,” says TechStak CEO, Nicol Pasuit. An integral part of each assessment is the recommendations TechStak provides to mitigate these risks. These services help smaller businesses understand their cybersecurity preparedness, identify and prioritize their IT needs, mitigate risks, and put solutions place.

“We just did our risk assessment, and it was eye-opening,” says Amy Shovels, Director of Operations and Customer Service at Zonya Health International. “TechStak did a thorough job, and gave us detailed reports with follow-up steps. It’s nice to see the recommendations were able to be put into action so quickly!”

Companies can learn more about TechStak and their new small business-focused cybersecurity tools online at https://www.techstak.com/cyber-security-risk-assessment-small-business/.    About TechStak TechStak’s mission is to help small businesses find IT and cybersecurity solutions that are the right fit for their business. We think that finding outsourced firms you can trust with the keys to your business should not be a daunting, stressful process. So, we simplified it. TechStak improves the IT and cybersecurity service provider selection process through transparency and reviews. With TechStak, businesses make confident IT and cybersecurity outsourcing decisions because they work with reputable providers they can trust. Visit www.techstak.com to learn more.

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