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How Organzations and Associations use TechStak

Small businesses need the same IT services and website solutions as larger companies.
Now you have a way to go beyond a traditional membership services.

Expand your service offering.

Help your members even further with simplified tech and IT sourcing expertise that is built for smaller companies.

Build your own customized network.

You set the criteria, we create your tailored short list of pre-vetted providers. Perfect for specialized programs or specific needs.

Upgrade your member benefit package.

Add TechStak to your member benefits to increase your membership value. Attract, grow and retain new members.

Select Providers In

4 - 7 days

Launch Projects In

14 days


Budget Match
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We have a lot in common

Just like you, we share the same passion for helping businesses. We believe that the more small and mid-sized businesses can make tech-savvy decisions, the better able they are to adjust and compete in an increasingly complex, technology driven world.

TechStak helps you address your members modern day digital transformation and IT challenges.

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Small Businesses love TechStak because ...

We have a consult-first approach

It’s our mission that drives us to provide a better alternative to the hours of research, checking references and the planning it takes to find the right, qualified tech providers that match a businesses’ unique needs.

The TechStak platform simplifies the discovery, RFP, and quoting process for both businesses and tech providers. We make it easy for small businesses and tech providers to:

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Find the right partnerships.


Define their scope of work.


Compare Options.

“We combine intelligence, technology and industry expertise, with our hands-on, consultative approach to deliver a personalized customer experience from beginning to end.”

- Nicol Pasuit - CEO and Founder

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