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Today’s modern business can now easily find and hire a variety of vetted, outsourced technology providers that can solve their tech challenges and scale with their business. We verify each technology provider to give credible information and obtain references. We also ask for your review once a relationship is established.

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How TechStak Works

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Step 1

Tell us about your technology needs and submit your request to the TechStak team.We share your request with the right, qualified tech solution providers.

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Step 2

Verified tech providers accept or decline your request based on best customer fit.You review the tech firms tailored to your request, business goals and requirements.

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Step 3

Connect with tech firms to make your final selection and solidify the agreement.If you like, we can schedule and help facilitate the communication and engagement.

One-Stop Sourcing

Right Fit

Our team will help you find the best tech partners that fit your business - which means businesses can find IT solution providers or technology companies as well as solo providers. We know every business has different IT support requirements and technology needs so we’ve included solution providers from all layers of the business technology stack. Whether you have an IT project, need to create a hybrid IT solution, or need a long-term service provider – provisioning the right solutions has never been easier.

Right Solutions

We only focus on technology and IT service companies making TechStak the first and only stop for businesses regardless of their tech savviness. We help businesses by doing the heavy lifting meaning we vet all providers so we can present the best professionals for the job. TechStak is a full stack sourcing platform to help businesses save time, reduce overhead, avoid costly mistakes and make tech partner decisions with more certainty.

Additional TechStak services include consulting and phone support, contract negotiations, RFP management, and project management.

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