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The first step is knowing your vulnerabilities

Small businesses face unique challenges with the ever increasing threat of cybercrime. With limited time and resources to devote to information security, you are a prime target for cyber criminals who are opportunists seeking the path of least resistance. You could already be in their sights.

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Cybersecurity Health Check Starter Kit

Recommended for businesses with 1-10 employees without a complex IT network

Get a picture of your overall security risks and identify baseline security needs. Understand the potential cost of a breach and analyze your business’ presence on the dark web – including breached accounts and stolen passwords. Scan your website for vulnerabilities, malware and other security issues in your hosting environment. Learn more about risks, remediation and improve your overall security posture.

  • Breach Cost Calculator - estimate potential costs
  • Dark Web Scan - find breached accounts and stolen passwords
  • Cybersecurity Health Assessment - identify risks
  • Website Scan - find vulnerabilities in your site
  • 30-Minute Consultation
  • Educational Materials & Guides
  • Remediation Steps for Identified Risks
Cybersecurity Starter Kit

Network of Connected Computers

Cybersecurity Health Check Plus

Recommended for businesses with 10-25+ employees who have a more complex IT infrastructure

Get a detailed assessment of your network, IT environment, and security risks to identify baseline cybersecurity needs or improve upon your current security posture. Use the assessment and network vulnerability scan to plan and budget for necessary security enhancements - including outsourcing your needs to a vetted provider who can help put the right solutions in place to protect your business, ensure you are compliant for your industry while securing your customer data.

  • Breach Cost Calculator
  • Dark Web Scan
  • Deep Dive Security Health Assessment - identify risks throughout your network & systems
  • Network Vulnerability Scan - find weaknesses in your network
  • Website Scan
  • 1-Hour Consultation
  • Educational Materials & Guides
  • Remediation Steps for Identified Risks

Custom Solutions For Pre and Post Breach

Select additional services to add to your security package or create a custom package. Get tools to help put privacy controls and policies in place. Build your incident response plan.

  • Basic Security Health Assessment
  • Deep Dive Security Health Assessment
  • Network Vulnerability Scan
  • Website Scan
  • Security & Data Privacy Policies
  • Incident Response Plan
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Security Awareness Training - COMING SOON

92% of data breaches are caused by human error. Your employees are your first line of defense! Ongoing education is key in a robust cybersecurity program. Just by watching weekly or monthly 1 minute videos, employees become more aware, and retain knowledge, of cybersecurity threats. Create a cybersecure culture throughout your organization with video learning, quizzes and certifications.


We keep good company

Many of our partners offer additional free resources to combat the increasing threat of cybercrime:

  • Cybercrime Support Network - provides resources to improve the plight of Americans facing the growing impact of cybercrime.
  • - offers assistance to small business cybercrime victims, from reporting through to recovery.
  • Small Business, Big Threat Program - educational resources to help protect your small business.

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