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Successful Tech Partnering Requires Planning & Preparation: Part 1

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Planning and Preparation for Successful Tech Partnering: Part 1

As a small business, managing your businesses’ digital transformation while running your day-to-day operations is a balancing act. You’ve got to make tech-savvy decisions and adopt the right technologies – most often without the assistance of in-house IT or tech development expertise.

But you’re not alone. According to the Salesforce 2016 Connected Small Business Report, over 80% of small businesses don’t have IT staff; and 73% of small business owners are responsible for purchasing technology for their businesses.

Truthfully, that’s ok. It doesn’t make sense for all small businesses to hire either a full-time internal IT or web development professional. It is just not cost-effective.

Tech Partnering Benefits and Risks

Partnering with an external tech provider can be an ideal option to help solve a small businesses’ technology gaps. An external tech partner can bring expertise to your business allowing you to offload work to those with the right technical qualifications and skill set. This frees you up to spend your time on high-value tasks like marketing and product development that can truly grow your business.

But hiring a reputable, competent technical partner that you can trust is a messy, complex challenge full of stress and uncertainty. It’s like performing a trust fall with someone you do not know. If you make the wrong decision, it could have devastating consequences for your business. And you certainly don’t want to land flat on your back with the wind knocked out of you wondering what just happened.

Assessing and Selection

So, how do you identify suitable tech partners and then effectively assess them to ensure their services align with your business needs?

It all starts with asking the right questions; some being more critical than others. This is true whether you’re looking for website solutions or need someone to manage your network and security, provide consulting, or build you a database.

These guides will help you ask the right questions to properly evaluate your tech partnering options.

Tech Partnering Planning and Preparation: Part 2

Getting Help

There are several ways you can find outside technology firms that match your business needs, such as searching the Internet or asking a friend for advice.

If you are struggling with finding the right fit, TechStak is your starting point.

When in doubt, ask for help.

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