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When It's the Right Fit and Right Solution

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TechStak is focused on saving businesses time and money as well as making sure they have the best possible experience working with tech providers in our network. That’s why we fully vet our tech providers to ensure that they are highly qualified, knowledgeable and provide the services needed to support small businesses.

Check out this recent case study from one of our providers, MVS Alliance.

Case Study: Identifying the Right Solution

**Pain **

The company based in San Diego, California, is a family owned business that was established in 1963 and provides a wide range of printing services, including large and small format. As much of its customer communication has become electronic, it needed a better way to track their customers, from both an operations perspective, as well as business development. Based on their understanding of the problem, the leadership team felt that they needed a CRM (Customer Relationship Management) solution to better track this information and asked MVS Alliance for assistance in selecting a suitable software system that could integrate with their existing Billing and Operations system.


The MVS team used its proprietary EISIL (Evaluate, Improve, Select, Implement, Learn) process to first understand the problem fully. After performing interviews of key personnel, it became clear that the issues that were uncovered wouldn’t be addressed by a CRM solution. It turned out that their existing system was already tracking and storing the customer record and related information. What they lacked was the ability to manage internal and external communication among team members and customers. Communication was shared either physically, or through email, but the conversations were taking place in silos without central visibility and often resulted in the left hand not knowing what the right hand was doing.


MVS Alliance determined that the company needed a centralized communication system that could record internal conversations among team members along with external conversations with the customer within a single thread. To provide this ability cost-effectively, MVS found that a help desk which could support back-office, production, and delivery communication was what the company needed and not a CRM solution. Furthermore, the use of the help desk system with their existing billing and operations system would provide them all functionality needed to provide the customer with excellent service and support.

As next steps, MVS recommended that the company start using the help desk system for a low monthly fee to streamline communication. Customers were instructed to send emails to a single email address from which cases are created. Cases are routed to the individual in the team who is best able to assist the customer and relevant customer information is recorded on individual cases that are created or looked up in the existing billing system. Leadership team members are now able to have much better visibility on internal communications and are very quickly able to jump in to address critical customer issues whenever necessary.


MVS saved the company time figuring out their root problem and uncovering the right solution. Had they gone down the CRM path, the company may have spent thousands of dollars integrating a tool that would not have solved the problem. The EISIL process, which stands for Evaluation, Improve, Select, Implement, and Learn, is a repeatable method that can ensure companies understand and address their critical needs in a cost-effective manner.

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