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Website Design: What do small businesses need to know?

Let’s Ask Our Experts: Talking Website Design with Dawn Verbrigghe.

From Designer and Marketer to Founder and CEO

Dawn Verbrigghe’s career as a female entrepreneur starts with more than 20 years of experience in marketing and web design. After seeing how small business owners continued to struggle with website design and using her deep expertise, she founded Jottful with the goal of helping SMB owners achieve their dreams through creative and inexpensive marketing that attracts just the right customers.

Jottful is an Ann Arbor-based technology company that designs, maintains, and hosts websites for small businesses. Once a business works with Jottful, their website is easy to update and maintain. The Jottful platform is the one of most flexible services available.

Jottful is a verified IT company on TechStak and holds the following TechStak badges; Website Design, Website Development and Website Solutions.

Biggest Misconception About Web Design

There are numerous tools for small businesses and start-ups to build a website. While those may work for some, a common misconception is how much work actually goes into it. And once the site is up, there is ongoing maintenance for broken links, user experience, and updating content.

Dawn explains, to build a website that gains leads, there are really three things you need to be;

One: A marketer

Two: A designer

Three: A programmer

Jottful was created to help SMBs who don’t have this skill set, who don’t need to hire a larger agency or for those who are not going to use DIY (Do-It-Yourself) software. Most SMB owners don’t have time to learn web design or teach themselves. They are busy running their business. This is why finding a great third-party web design and development firm that fits a small businesses’ precise needs is so important.

A Must Have on a Profitable Website

A Call To Action or CTA

On your landing pages, there should be a button or link that accomplishes your objective for the website. What is an “objective for your website”? This is what you want your visitors to do. Such as; get an appointment, make a reservation, or sign up for a newsletter. Whatever your objective is - it must be prominent on your home page and throughout your website.

Startup advice

Many small businesses who have just started do not have a business email account. We recommend all small businesses get one which is why we are a re-seller for Google’s G-Suite to get you set up.

Expert Opinion on TechStak

Dawn met Nicol Pasuit, CEO and Founder of TechStak, through Ann Arbor SPARK.

Small business owners have plenty to do, it is not surprising that they need help setting up their “tech stack” and we at Jottful think TechStak is a great resource for just that.

Next for Dawn and Jottful

Jottful just launched a partnership with a company for SEO. After Jottful builds your website, you can be referred to our SEO partner who will optimize your new website for search. SMB owners can now be covered end-to-end with their sites being built, hosted, up-to-date, and viable when searched.

What’s next for your business?

Talk to a TechStak project manager today to get connected to the right Website experts for your unique needs.

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