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Digital Marketing: What do small businesses need to know?

Let’s Ask Our Experts: Talking Marketing Strategies with Rita Shelley.

From Accountant to Founder and Digital Marketer

Rita helps people make more money. While her work differs with her clients now as her focus is on digital strategy and marketing rather than the finance side of the business. Rita was an accountant, but was not satisfied. She wanted to tap into and use her creative side. With the digital technology industry growing, she went back to school to get her MBA with a concentration in digital marketing. Before she graduated, she had her first job as a Director of Marketing. Rita is the CEO, a digital strategist, and media consultant at Fierce Digital.

Fierce Digital develops a game plan to help small businesses in the digital sphere. They assess a businesses’ digital strategy, implement it, and analyze what is working and what is not. Fierce Digital explains how various strategies can help achieve your goals with profitability.

Fierce Digital is a verified IT company on TechStak and holds the following TechStak badges; Website Design, Website Solutions, Digital Services, and Tech Consulting.

Biggest Misconception About Digital Strategy

“Building a Website is Easy!”

While you may use Squarespace or talented experts at Jottful to build your website, the next step is to increase recognition and gain traction.

You may want to consider working with a consultant to help you deliver a user experience on your website that will actually drive leads and convert customers.

Learning How to Build a Profitable Website

“It Takes Time.”

Personalize your website

  • Step 1: Pick the right platform . To keep costs low you may think about using a platform like Big Commerce with a responsive template.

  • Step 2: Make a good first impression. Invest in quality, speak your target audiences language, and make your site easy to navigate.

  • Step 3: Show visitors you care by adding a chat bot or review system.

  • Step 4: Become personal. Send customized emails post-purchase or send an abandoned cart notification - but make the message personal to show you care.

How do I make more money through my website?

This is a common question asked by clients of Fierce Digital. The answer is different for each business. For your business to know what will make you the most money, we recommend talking one-on-one with a website consultant. There are many aspects to take into consideration such as looking at SEO, branding, and content just to name a few.

Expert Opinion on TechStak

Rita is locked into the impossible choice - development or delivery. When working on the development of Fierce Digital, she can gain clients herself, but that is time-consuming. When she gains more and more clients, she has to focus on delivering the work. This turns into a loop of not having enough time on her hands to do both development and delivery. That’s when Rita turned to TechStak.

Having a service that Techstak offers, that pre-vets the clients and creates a flawless development pipeline - it is priceless to me. I can’t fathom why everyone wouldn’t take advantage of it.

What’s next for your business?

Talk to a TechStak project manager today to get connected to the right marketing consultant experts for your unique needs.

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