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“The Cloud”: What are the benefits?

Let’s Ask Our Experts: Talking Cloud and Disaster Recovery with Rick Beckers

From Typewriter Repair to Network Engineer

Rick Beckers career in technology started before computers were in our daily lives. He began as a typewriter repairman and eventually one of the first network engineers in Michigan. Nowadays, Rick is the President and CEO of CloudTech1.

CloudTech1 is a Managed Service Provider (MSP) which delivers dedicated, managed cloud services to small and medium-sized businesses (SMB). Outsourcing IT to CloudTech1, SMB’s receive an all-inclusive experience.

Rick is involved in local technology organizations, one being Automation Alley where Rick was the chairman of the IT committee and now Ambassador to Industry for the Cloud and IOT. At a national level, Rick is the editorial adviser for Channel Partners (parent partner Informa).

CloudTech1 is a verified IT company on TechStak and holds the following TechStak badges; Cybersecurity, Managed Services, IT Services, and specialized NIST Compliance and Certification.

Biggest Misconception About Technology Today

Rick explains that the biggest misunderstanding right now is the cloud. There are two misconceptions on cloud-based services;

One: The cloud is less secure.

Fact is that the cloud is safer than traditional in-house servers.

Two: Owning your equipment (hardware such as a server or hard drive) means it’s going to cost you less because you pay for it once.

Fact is that the vendor, such as an MSP or software-as-a-service (SaaS) company, is maintaining subscription-based technology at the highest level of security that a SMB could never provide or afford. So it’s much less expensive with no capital investment needed by the business.

Must Have Technology Solution for SMB’s

RB: Disaster Recovery Services are worth the money for any business to invest in. It takes an exact copy of your in-house server, and cloud data then replicates it minute by minute. If there is ever a time that your systems are down, you will be able to run your entire company without losing a beat.

RB: Services like this can be costly, but think about the cost of being down. If there is a failure of a server, you will be losing time and money to get back up running.

Expert Opinion on TechStak

Rick met Nicol Pasuit, CEO and Founder of TechStak, through an Automation Alley technology committee meeting. He knew there was an opportunity for mutual benefits.

To any MSP, I say get signed up and get in touch with TechStak. I highly recommend the organization. This is a place where you are going to get a truly qualified lead generation that will lead to profitability.

From a corporate perspective, if you’re the decision maker, business owner, or a C-level executive challenged with how to accomplish some of the technology goals that you have for your company, you should go to Techstak. They will introduce you to people that they know are capable of doing such things with integrity and quality work. This gets you to your goal much faster.

Next for Rick and CloudTech1

Within the next few months, CloudTech1 will be launching Technology as a Service.

What’s next for your business?

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