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We love the complex, messy process of tech outsourcing.

Some call us a "matchmaker" while others call us a “translator”. We like to think that we are both.

Our founders recognized that businesses and tech providers face a common problem: they need to find each other. More than ever before, small to mid-sized businesses need outsourced tech providers they can trust. Meanwhile, quality tech providers need a way to stand out in a crowded marketplace to attract the right new customers. Both desire a simple, modern way to connect and do business.

For us, the problem was very real, and very personal. But we could also see the solution: a full-fledged tech services marketplace that would help match top-rated technology providers with the businesses most in need of their services.

It’s our mission that drives us to provide a better alternative to the hours of research, checking references and planning it takes to find the right, qualified tech providers that match every businesses’ unique needs. We created TechStak to bridge the gap between technology businesses and the customers they serve.

Because we work extensively with both technology providers and businesses, we know how to cut through the jargon and unnecessary challenges that plague today’s outdated tech sourcing and partnering methods. The TechStak platform simplifies the discovery, RFP, and quoting process for both businesses and tech providers - making it easy for them to find each other, define their scope of work, and compare options. And by combining our web-based, proprietary technology with our hands-on consultative approach, our customers receive a personalized experience from beginning to end.

By making tech partnering effortless and cost-effective, we're empowering businesses to take the next steps with their digital transformation.

Finding the right website or IT solutions is a daunting process for any business. The options are simply overwhelming with no easy starting point. We understand because we’ve been there ourselves. So, we simplified it.

Nicol Pasuit
Founder and CEO

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